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Press Release

  • Computex Taipei 2009 Review: Latest Development of SSD Products
    Taipei,June 9th,2009----Solid-State Disk (SSD) has been widely applied in military and industry products. With the beginning of adoption by PC, SSD soon expanded its applications to various consumer electronics. Although the lower acceptance in low-price PC and boosting NAND Flash price since 2008 has slowed its growing momentum, SSD is still perceived as a potential product.Says DRAMeXchange. [ more ]
  • 2H May mainstream NAND Flash MLC average contract price slightly declined 2%-6%
     Taipei,May 27th,2009------NAND Flash contract price remains flat in 2H May. Some mainstream MLC average contract price has slightly decline 2% to 6% due to the high density products promotion by some vendors in Mid-May,says DRAMeXchange. [ more ]
  • DRAMeXchange:All in one PC will be a better seller with Windows 7
     Taipei,May 18th,2009----The market segment of All in One PC (AIO) was always there since years ago, it’s just that it used to be a niche, alternative product. [ more ]
  • SSD Evaluation List of 1H2009 announced by DRAMeXchange
    Taipei,April 22, 2009----DRAMeXchange announces the evaluation result of SSD(Solid-state drive).OCZ wins “Best Overall performance” award while Chiantech is “Best industrial design”. [ more ]
  • DRAMeXchange expects 10 million units CULV in 2009
     Taipei,May 13th,2009----While considering the supply and timeliness of the CULV CPU and its related components, the CULV CPU NB shipment scale is estimated to reach 8 to 10 million units worldwide in the year 2009, and account for 7% to 9% of the traditional NB market share. Acer is expected to gain 50% or more market share of the CULV.Says DRAMeXchange. [ more ]
  • Q109 Revenue of WW DRAM Industry Declined 22.3%, say DRAMeXchange
    For WW own brand, the Korean vendor's share accounts for 50.1% (exclude others) and its leader position remained unchallenged in Q1. Taiwanese vendors' share slightly increase to 13.6% from 11.8% due to the production adjustment by PSC, Nanya and Winbond. The rest market share are occupied by Japanese vendors (15.8%) and American ones (15.7%). [ more ]
  • DRAMeXchange: 1H May NAND Flash Contract Price rose 0% to 12%
    Taipei,May 11th,2009-----Average NAND Flash contract price of 1H May, 2009, rose between 0 to 12%. In 1H May, following previous NAND Flash suppliers' allocation policy in April, upstream suppliers provided system makers as their priority and reduced allocation to memory card makers. [ more ]
  • DRAM Contract Prices in May to Raise 10%-15% MoM, says DRAMeXchange
    Taipei, May 5th, 2009 --- Sources indicate that the biggest DRAM spot market suppliers, Powerchip and Elpida, have stopped shipping chips to the spot market, resulting in tighter supply, says DRAMeXchange. Therefore, DDR2 1Gb spot prices have stayed strong at US$1.2. Meanwhile, marketers expect to see the prices move towards US$1.5 by end of June. [ more ]