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WitsView research covers upstream components, midstream panels, and downstream system and retail vendors. We believe accurate research helps manufacturers avoid risk and promotes profitability and high industry value. Therefore, our research covers the industry from top to bottom, providing analysis of each level of the industry chain, thereby enabling clients to make informed decisions. Our client list includes component makers, panel makers, system integrators, channel vendors, brand manufacturers, investment firms, and government organizations.
  • Brand:WitsView
  • Established in:2004年
  • Website:
  • Research areas: Panel Price,Panel Shipment,Monitor Shipment,Panel Market Demand,Touch Panel,OLED,Tablet,LCD TV Shipment,China FTV Market
  • Team members: :
  • Eric Chiou
    Research Vice President
    Areas of Coverage:
    Display industry trends, Industry lectures and seminars
  • Boyce Fan
    Research Director
    Areas of Coverage:
    Smartphone panel shipments, prices and costs, Small size panel capacities, AMOLED market updates and dynamics
  • Anita Wang
    Senior Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    IT end-market applications (monitors, notebooks, and tablets), End-market retail prices, Monitor panel prices
  • Iris Hu
    Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    Large size panel market updates and dynamics, Panel market's supply and demand, Notebook panel prices
  • Kou-Han Tseng
    Assistant Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    Value chain of Panel/brand, Panel capacities and utilization rates,Tablet panel prices
  • Julian Lee
    Areas of Coverage:
    Panel component updates and dynamics, Large size panel costs, Panel product's specification trends
  • Jeff Yang
    Assistant Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    Market Trends Related to TV Brands, TV OEMs, TV Panel price
  • Jeanette Chan
    Assistant Analyst
    Areas of Coverage:
    Quarterly financial reports' analysis, Market Confidence Index, Industry real time updates
  • Tina Tu
    Senior Customer Service Officer
    Areas of Coverage:
    Customer services , Popularizing services and contents, Brand marketing
  • Sigmaintell Consulting Co.,Ltd

    Areas of Coverage:
    Focus on FPD industry research, including in FPD products, key component, and end market research.