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TrendForce Strengthens the Knowledge Economy Through Technological Innovation as It Celebrates 20 Years of Continued Excellence

Monday , 01 / 20 / 2020 [ Analysts: TrendForce ]

Global market intelligence firm TrendForce is honored to announce its 20th anniversary in 2020. In addition to offering enterprise consultation services, TrendForce specializes in the comprehensive market analysis of the global technology sector. With over 20 years of industrial data and insights, TrendForce established Prophet, an AI solutions company, in 2017, growing its service areas to include the emerging digital transformation sector. For the past 20 years, TrendForce has been the leading generator of market information in Greater China’s technology industry. Within the next 20 years, the company is looking to build upon its current core competencies and become the preeminent market intelligence provider and enterprise consultancy on the global stage.

Founded in 2000, TrendForce acquired Topology Research Institute in 2015 in an effort to broaden the company’s scope of service and research fields. TrendForce is now the gold standard in semiconductor, display panel, LED, green energy, and memory product research. At the same time, TrendForce has accumulated significant expertise in emerging technology industries including automotive technology, 5G network, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, among many others.

TrendForce’s team of more than 200 experts, based in Greater China, comprises the tech industry’s best and brightest. Aside from providing clients with the latest, most accurate industrial data by staying up-to-date with the pulse of the global high-tech industry, the research team also offers data-driven consultation services through specialized research methodologies and dedicated workgroups.

As AI enters the mainstream, TrendForce has sought to continually expand its areas of service; this culminated in the creation of AI solutions provider Prophet in 2017. Prophet leverages TrendForce’s 20 years of key industrial data, combined with its team of experts at the forefront of the tech industry, to help clients address pain points in enterprise AI application.

TrendForce recognizes that the key to successful enterprise AI adoption, among other emerging technologies, hinges heavily on human resources. In this manner, the company’s subsidiary, Topology Research Institute, draws expertise from three distinct sectors – industry, government, and academia. In 2019, TRI offered multidisciplinary courses in AI, semiconductor, 5G, and biomedicine with subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, designed to help professionals exploit the latest industrial trends and raise their competitiveness in the workplace.

“Throughout the past 20 years in the tumultuous tech industry, with its many ups and downs, not only has TrendForce helped its clients maintain a leading position during market peaks, but more importantly, TrendForce also worked hard to deliver the most relevant and accurate information to see its clients through market downturns,” says Kevin Lin, founder and CEO of TrendForce. “As the leading technology market insights brand in Greater China, we believe in the power of the knowledge economy. Through the latest trends and data, we empower our clients in every step of their decision-making process. In the future, we strive to continually integrate the newest technologies into our areas of expertise and keep our sights firmly on delivering more valuable data to our clients as our business ethos.”

TrendForce released the above visual in celebration of its 20th anniversary. The number 0 symbolizes both the Earth and the concept of wholeness. On this Earth are five stripes representing the five subsidiaries, whose excellence in research forms the cornerstone of TrendForce.

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