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Press Release

  • Global DRAM Revenue Holds Steady in 4Q19 as Shipment Growth Offsets Price Declines, Says TrendForce
    02-18-2020 TrendForce
    According to the DRAMeXchange research division of TrendForce, the DRAM inventory finally returned to a relatively normal level for most OEMs in 4Q19 after nearly three consecutive quarters of adjustments. As the growth in the industry’s overall DRAM supply will be fairly limited in 2020, buyers have been raising procurement ahead of time. Therefore, despite the relatively strong base period in 3Q19, DRAM suppliers increased their sales bits in 4Q19. This increase was able to largely offset the declines in their quotes. All in all, 4Q19 global DRAM revenue registered a minor decrease of 1.5% QoQ, showing a relatively flat trend compared to the previous quarter. [ more ]
  • TrendForce Presents Comprehensive Analysis of COVID-19 Outbreak’s Impact on Global High-Tech Industry
    02-17-2020 TrendForce
    The following analysis shows TrendForce’s investigations of key component and other downstream technology industries, under the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, with the latest data as of February 14, 2020. [ more ]
  • Asia Ranks First in 2019-2024 BESS Market CAGR, Says TrendForce
    02-13-2020 Duff Lu
    According to the EnergyTrend research division of TrendForce, the integration between centralized generation and distributed smart grid is an inevitable trend in smart city initiatives. Global BESS installation capacity is expected to reach 3.2GWh in 2020, with a 22% CAGR from 2019 to 2024. [ more ]
  • TrendForce Releases the 2019 Rankings of Taiwanese PV Module and Inverter Manufacturers
    02-12-2020 Sharon Chen
    The latest analysis from the EnergyTrend research division of TrendForce finds that Taiwan’s newly installed capacity reached historical highs in 2019, with over 36% growth YoY compared to each quarter in 2018. This growth momentum is expected to continue in the next few years as large-scale ground-mounted PV projects are underway. [ more ]
  • Owing to Partial Work Resumption and Pre-Chinese New Year Stocking of Components, Chinese Server Shipment to Remain Healthy for Now, Says TrendForce
    02-10-2020 Mark Liu
    The server industry analysis by the DRAMeXchange research division of TrendForce thus far finds that frontline personnel of Chinese server manufacturers will return to work starting from 2/10, while other personnel resumed work on 2/3. Certain Chinese manufacturers resumed operations on 2/3 with government approval. On the whole, the server supply chain recovery has been progressing better than expected. Server manufacturers have traditionally increased capacity and stocked key components up to one month before the Chinese New Year to facilitate smooth shipment after the holidays. As such, major ODMs believe that the coronavirus outbreak will have minimal impact on server shipment in the short term despite the delay in work resumption. If work resumption on 2/10 cannot properly proceed, ODMs will increase their future production correspondingly. [ more ]
  • In Light of the Coronavirus Outbreak’s Impact on Smartphone Supply Chain, 1Q20 Global Production Forecast Revised to 12% Decrease YoY, Says TrendForce
    02-10-2020 TrendForce
    TrendForce’s latest investigation finds that several factors have negatively affected smartphone production: first, the labor-intensive nature of the smartphone industry; second, China’s delay in work resumption until February 10 and population movement control; finally, the reduction in the public’s willingness to buy. Due to the aforementioned factors, TrendForce is lowering its 1Q20 smartphone production forecast to a 12% decrease YoY, at 275 million units produced, which is a five-year low. [ more ]
  • China-based Memory Fabs Continue Normal Operations Currently as Wuhan Coronavirus Has Yet to Impair Global Memory Supply, Says TrendForce
    02-03-2020 TrendForce
    On account of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak’s impact on the global memory industry, investigations from the DRAMeXchange research division of TrendForce indicate that no DRAM or NAND flash fab in China has closed or partially suspended operations at the present. Hence, the overall production will remain unaffected for DRAM and NAND flash in the short run. In addition, their 1Q20 contract prices have already been set; therefore, TrendForce maintains its previous forecast of a slight QoQ increase in 1Q20 DRAM and NAND flash contract prices. [ more ]
  • TrendForce Strengthens the Knowledge Economy Through Technological Innovation as It Celebrates 20 Years of Continued Excellence
    01-20-2020 TrendForce
    Global market intelligence firm TrendForce is honored to announce its 20th anniversary in 2020. In addition to offering enterprise consultation services, TrendForce specializes in the comprehensive market analysis of the global technology sector. With over 20 years of industrial data and insights, TrendForce established Prophet, an AI solutions company, in 2017, growing its service areas to include the emerging digital transformation sector. For the past 20 years, TrendForce has been the leading generator of market information in Greater China’s technology industry. Within the next 20 years, the company is looking to build upon its current core competencies and become the preeminent market intelligence provider and enterprise consultancy on the global stage. [ more ]