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  • LCD Monitor Shipments to See 1.5% YoY Growth in 2018 After Seven Years of Decline, Says TrendForce
    10-03-2018 Anita Wang
    The shipments of LCD monitor are projected to reach 126 million units in 2018, a YoY growth of 1.5%, after seven years of decline, according to WitsView, a division of TrendForce. The main drivers of shipment growth include the falling panel prices and rising demand from North America. The strong sales in niche segments like gaming and borderless monitor also offer growth momentum. [ more ]
  • Panel's Glut Ratio Might Peak at 4.3% in 4Q18; Panel Price Trend Might Be Reversed
    09-27-2018 Iris Hu
    WitsView, a division of TrendForce, reports that the large-sized panels witnessed slashed demand in the first quarter with decreased panel shipment by area, but the oversupply was eased in 2Q18 as the demand recovered and the supply (glass output by area) dropped. In the third quarter, the enhanced stocking-up demand in a peak season has reversed the over-supply trend. However, WitsView reports higher risks of panel price decline in 4Q18, for the end demand may gradually slide in the upcoming quarter while panel makers keep on targeting full utilization rates. [ more ]
  • DRAM Products May Experience Steeper Price Decline of 5% QoQ in 4Q18 Due to Oversupply and Weak Demand, Says TrendForce
    09-26-2018 Avril Wu
    DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, reports that DRAM suppliers have been negotiating with their clients over the 4Q18 contracts towards the end of September. Looking ahead to the next quarter, DRAMeXchange expects that the quotations of DRAM products to decline by 5% QoQ, higher than the previous forecast of 1~3%. The weak quotations are mainly due to increasing bit supply yet fairly limited growth in demand, despite the coming of holiday sales season. [ more ]
  • Escalating Trade War May Aggravate Oversupply Situation in LED Industry, Says TrendForce
    09-25-2018 TrendForce
    According to LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base, the latest report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, the global LED industry is projected to reach a market value of US$ 18.796 billion in 2018, with an increase of 4% YoY, lower than LEDinside’s earlier forecast of 11%. The market is slowing down as the oversupply situation contributes to LED price declines, together with the impacts of escalating trade war on demand in the end market. [ more ]
  • The Trade War Has Limited Impact on North American Data Centers, but Server Makers May Consider Moving Production Facilities out of China, Says TrendForce
    09-20-2018 Mark Liu
    According to the latest report by DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, North American markets contribute to around 40% of the global server demand, but Trump’s threat of steep tariffs on Chinese goods, including server imports, may bring more risks to Taiwanese server ODMs, whose production are mainly based in China. Therefore, Taiwanese server makers are now considering moving their production facilities back to Taiwan. With the next wave of tariffs going into effect on September 24, tariffs of 10 percent will be imposed on Chinese products like servers, server modules, motherboards and network switches, so server makers are bound to relocate their facilities to minimize the impacts of the trade war on their businesses. [ more ]
  • TrendForce Expects Stiff Competition in TV ODM Market; Foxconn Outperforms TPV to Top the Shipment Ranking
    09-19-2018 Jeff Yang
    WitsView, a division of TrendForce, reports that Foxconn is expected to take the first place in the global shipment ranking of LCD TV ODMs for 2018, for the brand benefitted from the prosperous business of Sharp, a subsidiary of Foxconn, as well as stable orders from Sony and VIZIO. TPV slid to the second place, with TCL and BOEVT following the third and fourth. [ more ]
  • NSP Tops PV Module Shipment Ranking in Taiwan for 1H18, Says TrendForce
    09-17-2018 TrendForce
    According to the Solar Powering Taiwan: Special Report by EnergyTrend, the Capex of PV power systems has been decreasing, due to the drop in module prices caused by massive PV installations. In 1H18, the system costs of PV projects in Taiwan have been decreasing, approaching the level in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. EnergyTrend expects the system costs to drop further in the second half of this year, which may motivate companies to make investments. [ more ]
  • TrendForce's Comments on New iPhone Models
    09-13-2018 TrendForce
    As Apple unveils its new iPhone models, TrendForce has provided the following comments for your reference. [ more ]