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Press Release

  • DRAMeXchange:DDR2 1H Nov contract price surging 13.9%
    2009/11/9-----According to DRAMeXchange, 1H’Nov contract price continues the sharply increasing upward pricing trend 13.9% to US$41 from US$36 due to the DDR2 shortage while the “High” contract price has surpassed spot price and reached US$50.   [ more ]
  • DRAMeXchange: WW DRAM Revenue increases 40.7% in 3Q09
    According to DRAMeXchange, with the aggressive DDR3 migration in PC-OEMs and enhancing demand, DDR3 contract price has sharply rose 36% in line with the 24% increase of spot price. DDR2 contract price also hiked along with the DDR3 contract price that 3Q09 DDR2 contract price has rose 31% due to the tight supply in DDR2 and DDR2 inventory replenishment from some PC-OEMs. [ more ]
  • 3Q09 Sales Ranking of Branded NAND Flash Makers
    2009/11/01------As most branded NAND Flash suppliers benefited from the 4Q hot-season restock orders for electronic system maker clients after mid-3Q09, NAND Flash ASP slightly rose about 4% QoQ in 3Q09. Total branded NAND Flash shipment increased about 17% QoQ and it resulted in the overall branded NAND Flash makers' revenue improvement in 3Q09. [ more ]
  • LEDinside: Chip Supply Couldn’t Meet Demand till Earlier Quarter Next Year
    Oct. 28, 2009-LEDinside, the LED research institution, points out that chip supply hasn’t ramped up in time, and demand has not been met, LEDinside projects that the prices in Q4 will likely remain flat amid the supply shortage. Same with prices in white LED, the situation will maintain before the 1st quarter in 2010. [ more ]
  • 2HOct. Mainstream MLC NAND Flash Avg. Contract Price rose 4%~7%
    2009/10/23-------2HOct. mainstream MLC NAND Flash average contract price rose about 4%~7%. According to DRAMeXchange, the “High” price remains flat while “Low” price rose 7%~10% compared to the price in 1HOct since some vendors adjusted up the price continuously in past two weeks to reflect the tight supply. [ more ]
  • LED Chipmakers Continued to Post Historic High Revenues, observed LEDinside
    200910/14------According to survey of the industry research institute LEDinside, Taiwan's listed LED manufacturers recorded total revenue of NT 6.927 billion in September 2009, a 7.2% growth from August and a 18.9% growth YoY – of which, LED chip makers’ total revenue in September gained 4.6% to NT 2.938 billion, while LED packagers posted NT 3.989 billion, 9.2% growth MoM. [ more ]
  • DRAMeXchange: Windows 7 will be the trigger for notebook replacement.
    2009/10/14—Windows7 will be launched at end of this month and market expect for the replacement effect will be triggered. According to DRAMeXchange, multi-touch functionality will be emphasized and broadly applied to the application device. Notebook year end hot season peak can be anticipated while replacement effect will be more saturated in 2Q10.  [ more ]
  • DRAM spot price rose 63% 4Q09 TW wafer-in production is expected to hike to the peak in 2009
     Taipei,Sep 17th,2009----Continuously with the strong upward pricing trend from 1H’Jul, both DDR2 and DDR3 spot price hikes to the 12-months record high recently. DDR2 1Gb eTT spot price rose 63% to US$1.71 in 9/15 from US$1.05 in 7/15. With rebounding DRAM price, Taiwanese DRAM vendors record 10% and 19% monthly revenue growth for July and August respectively.Says DRAMeXchange. [ more ]