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Press Release

  • DRAMeXchange indicates NAND Flash contract price likely to reverse in late 3Q
    Taipei, August 12, 2008 --- According to DRAMeXchange, a downhill trend is seen in NAND Flash contract price market in 1HAug, with prices dropped by an approximate of 5-15% sequentially. The weakening price trend is primarily because of a consistent sluggish demand. A bounce in contract price is likely to occur in late 3Q when demand-supply status improves. [ more ]
  • DRAMeXchange reports 2Q08 NAND Flash QoQ declines 9%
    Taipei, August 5, 2008 --- According to DRAMeXchange, discouraged by a consistent weak demand for consumer electronics and plunge of consumer confidence index, sales of global branded NAND Flash vendors declined 9.0% QoQ at US$2.90bn in 2Q08. Both ASP and sales volume were on the downhill trend in the quarter. [ more ]
  • WitsView sees 1HAug panel price falling further
    Taipei, August 6, 2008---According to WitsView’s 1HAug price survey, IT panels will drop by 7~9%, while TV panels will slip by another 3~5%. There is a chance in seeing monitor panel prices falling past their fully-loaded cost in August. There is even a possibility to witness prices falling near the cash cost level, which would mark the lowest acceptable ASP for panel makers. [ more ]
  • Component makers first to be hit by persisting panel price falls, says WitsView
    Taipei, August 3, 2008---The recent large-sized panel price drops has once again highlighted the profitability pressure panel makers now face. Thus, their demand on upstream component makers for additional cost downs has grown as well. According to WitsView’s latest report, the panel material cost down will be more severe in 3Q08 than in previous quarters. [ more ]
  • DRAMeXchange indicates equilibrium to cause DRAM industry turnaround
    Taipei, July 30, 2008 --- According to DRAMeXchange, during the week July 22-28, DRAM spot pricing sustained its stable trend with limited fluctuation. Overall inventory at the spot market is still high. [ more ]
  • DRAMeXchange estimates NAND Flash supply bit growth to reach 149% YoY
    Taipei, July 22, 2008 --- According to DRAMeXchange, curbed by extended impact from subprime crisis, inflation pressure and China’s natural disaster, influence of a seasonality downturn for NAND Flash-based end-applications, such as handset, MP3 player and memory card, is intensified from mid 2Q, resu [ more ]
  • Large-sized panel shipment increases 6.7% to 110 million units in 2Q08, says WitsView
    Taipei, July 24, 2008---Global aggregated large-sized panel shipments in 2Q08 reached 110.8 million units, a QoQ increase of 6.7% and a YoY growth of 22.4%, according to WitsView's latest shipment report The growth mainly stemmed from increases in IT panel shipments, especially the NB segment, where it jumped by 12.9% to 35.4 million units. [ more ]
  • LEDinside: A Feb.YoY Revenue Growth of 35.8% for Taiwan LED Companies
    Everlight, a major LED-packaging manufacturer, whose operating revenue had respectively reached TWD 863 million (USD 28 million). [ more ]