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Press Release

  • 3Q19 NAND Flash Revenue Grows 10% amidst Resurging Pre-Peak Season Demand for Shipment, Says TrendForce
    11-25-2019 TrendForce
    According to the DRAMeXchange research division of TrendForce, 3Q19 NAND flash industrial revenue showed a nearly 15% growth of total bit shipment, owing to the seasonality-driven demand for products shipments and the additional product shipment made available in preparation for U.S. tariffs. On the other hand, suppliers were able to improve their inventory levels and deter a mass sell-off in the wafer market driven by low prices, in turn diminishing the dip in contract price. 3Q19 industrial revenue reached $11.9 billion, a 10.2% growth. [ more ]
  • Global OSAT Market Shows Signs of Gradual Recovery in 2H19, with Yearly Revenue Estimated to Decline Slightly, Says TrendForce
    11-20-2019 John Wang
    According to the latest research from TrendForce, the decline in the global OSAT industry showed signs of a gradual halt in 3Q19, since the drop in memory prices began to slow down, and smartphone sales steadily recovered. The top ten OSAT providers posted a total revenue of US$6 billion in 3Q19, a 10.1% growth YoY and 18.7% growth QoQ, indicating that the market as a whole is well on its way to recovery. Aside from KYEC and Chipbond’s consistently stable performance, ASE, JCET, TFME, and TSHT are also once again showing a trend of yearly revenue upswing. [ more ]
  • Demand for Preemptive 3Q19 DRAM Shipment Rises, Pushing Global DRAM Revenue Up by 4%, Says TrendForce
    11-18-2019 TrendForce
    According to the DRAMeXchange research division of TrendForce, demand-side inventory in 2H19 has returned to relatively healthy levels. Furthermore, some vendors pulled their quarterly product shipment forward in an effort to avoid potential negative impacts from Trump’s impending tariffs; this shift skyrocketed DRAM suppliers’ sales bits in 3Q19, driving total DRAM revenue up by 4% and ending the QoQ decline which lasted over three consecutive quarters. Despite an already strong-performing base period in 3Q19, the three major DRAM manufacturers are projected to increase their shipments even further in 4Q19, propelled by demands from the server and smartphone markets. [ more ]
  • Decline in Q4 DRAM Contract Prices Lessens as Buying Momentum Recovers, Says TrendForce
    11-11-2019 TrendForce
    According to the latest analysis from the DRAMeXchange research division of TrendForce, Q4 DRAM ASP is as of yet undergoing a slight QoQ decline, but this decline has shrunk down to 5%. In contrast, the total trading volume in October has seen considerable QoQ growth, which demonstrates an increased willingness to pay on the purchasers’ part. Once suppliers’ inventory levels have sufficiently lowered, they will no longer need to cut prices to encourage further sales. These factors have the potential to help DRAM prices stabilize and recover in 2020. [ more ]
  • Resurgence of 16:10 Aspect Ratio Laptop Computers to Occupy 2% Share of Non-Apple Market in 2020, Says TrendForce
    11-04-2019 Ray Wang
    The gradual technical maturation of narrow bezels means a higher screen-to-body ratio and wider, thinner laptops. With this change in the physical appearance of laptops, manufacturers are once again looking to incorporate panels with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Despite Apple's longstanding adoption of 16:10 and the aspect ratio's once-popularity in Windows laptops, global market intelligence provider TrendForce projects a <2% share of 16:10 screens in the non-Apple laptop market due to adoption rate, impact to consumers, and a need for panel makers to optimize cuts made to the mother glass. [ more ]
  • 2019 Shipment of Flat-Panel Display Driver IC Exhibits Negative Growth Under Influence of Reduced Panel Production, Says TrendForce
    10-29-2019 Julian Lee
    According to the latest analysis from the WitsView research division of TrendForce, reduced panel shipment is causing the demand for flat-panel display driver IC to undergo a corresponding decline. The 2019 YoY growth for total adoption is projected to be -3.2%, which marks the first instance of negative growth in recent years. The space for shipment growth in 2020 is likely also limited. [ more ]
  • Demand for AMOLED-Equipped Cellphones to Continue Rising in 2020, LTPS to Remain Mid-Range Favorites, Says TrendForce
    10-24-2019 Boyce Fan
    According to the latest analysis from the WitsView research division of TrendForce, the share of devices featuring AMOLED panels is expected to grow from 32.8% in 2019 to 38.0% in 2020 in the global smartphone marketplace, in response to an ever-increasing production capacity and smartphone makers’ willingness to adopt the technology. In contrast, the market share of LTPS-equipped devices is expected to drop from 41.3% down to 38.6%. The market shares for AMOLED- and LTPS-equipped devices are roughly even, with the former possibly taking the lead in the future. [ more ]
  • Suffering from Increasing Loss of Money, TV Panel Makers Began to Massively Reduce Capacities in Sep., Says TrendForce
    10-07-2019 Anita Wang
    According to WitsView, a division of TrendForce, its latest survey showed that TV panel prices generally have been lower than the cash costs. Thus, panel makers' loss of money has continually expanded. Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese panel makers all started to lower their utilization rates (UT) of TV panel products from September on, in order to improve the severely unbalanced supply and demand and stabilize the prices. [ more ]