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Press Release

  • TV Panel Prices Plunge in June, with No Signs of Stopping in July, Says TrendForce
    07-05-2019 Iris Hu
    According to WitsView, a division of TrendForce, although the US-China trade dispute reached a ceasefire after the Trump-Xi meeting at G20, TV brands have been engaging in preemptive stocking in 2Q due to fears of a 25% tariff to be placed into effect in 3Q as well as Samsung Display's (SDC) original decision to shut down their Gen 8.5 L8-1-1 plant. This caused TV panel prices to plunge in June to an unforeseeable extent. [ more ]
  • Server ODMs Add Taiwan Production Lines, yet the Economic Benefits May Not Be on Par with China Manufacturers, Says TrendForce
    07-03-2019 Mark Liu
    According to the latest investigations by DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, although the US and China have reopened trade negotiations, US server-related imports from China still face a 25% tariff, thus server ODMs will still add production lines in Taiwan as scheduled to avoid risks. North American Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as AWS and Microsoft have already begun requesting collaborating ODMs to move their L6 (Level 6) server production lines to Taiwan to avoid potential tariff costs, whereas production plans for products shipped to non-US regions will remain as is. [ more ]
  • Micro LEDforum 2019: Key Technology and Application Market—TrendForce Takeaways
    07-02-2019 TrendForce
    LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, holds the annual pivotal conference, Micro LEDforum 2019: Key Technology and Application Market, today (2) at Room 201 of the National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center. Invited were Rohinni, TORAY, Konica Minolta, PARC, Plessey, Kyung Hee University, Macroblock, Ultra Display, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and other leading manufacturers and experts at home and abroad to give penetrating analyses into the breakthroughs, applications and business opportunities of critical technologies. LEDinside Research Director Roger Chu is also there to provide comprehensive insights into market trends. Seats were filled and the conference well received. [ more ]
  • Panel Prices May Crash Below Cash Costs, Pressuring Panel Manufacturers in 2H, Says TrendForce
    07-01-2019 TrendForce
    According to Witsview, a division of TrendForce, despite the relaxation of the US-China trade dispute in the wake of G20, demand for various end products in 2H will remain in a conservative mood until the situation becomes clear through subsequent negotiations, leading to a less-than-expected restocking demand for panels. Suppliers are already finding trouble profiting in 2Q due to continuously sliding panel prices. If the US-China negotiations hit a wall again, the continued trade conflict may drag down sales in the peak seasons of 2H. This may drastically raise the chances of panel prices crashing below cash costs and pressure businesses for the second half-year, forcing them to decide whether to reduce production. [ more ]
  • Tsinghua to Enter the DRAM Business; China Embarks Once Again on the Road to DRAM Developmental Independency, Says TrendForce
    07-01-2019 TrendForce
    DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, says that Tsinghua Unigroup’s official statement on June 30th has revealed its newly composed DRAM group, with Diao Shijing, former director of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as the group’s Chairman and Charles Kao as CEO. This forms a new milestone for China on the road to developmental independency of DRAM products after the US put JHICC on the Entity List. [ more ]
  • Toshiba Recovering Slower Than Expected from the Power Outage, with 3Q Wafer Quotes Under Pressure to Rise in the Short Term, Says TrendForce
    06-28-2019 TrendForce
    Toshiba Memory Corp. (TMC) reported that its main NAND Flash production base in Yokkaichi, Japan, experienced a 13-minute power outage on June 15. All production facilities within the base (Fab 2, Fab 3, Fab 4, Fab 5, and Fab 6) were affected by the power outage, but we have yet to see all facilities return to normal operation as of now. An assessment by DRAMeXchange , a division of TrendForce , gives that wafer quotes will be pressured to rise in the short term due to this event, and there may be a rise in 2D NAND flash product prices and a slight shrink in price decline for 3D NAND flash products in the third quarter. [ more ]
  • Uncertainties in US-China Trade Negotiations to Become the Greatest Headwind for Revenue Growth of Global Top Ten IC Designers 2019, Says TrendForce
    06-28-2019 CY Yao
    TrendForce has released its 1Q19 rankings for the top ten IC design companies worldwide by revenue, which showed only MediaTek maintaining a small growth among the top five as Broadcom, Qualcomm, Nvidia and AMD all showed declines. Nvidia declined the most by 24.4% YoY due to unfinished destocking. [ more ]
  • Uncertainties in the Market Rise while a Bounce in NAND Flash Prices Remains Unlikely in 3Q, Says TrendForce
    06-20-2019 TrendForce
    According to the latest investigations by DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, demand for smartphones and servers go below expected levels in 2019 as the US-China trade dispute heats up. Adding the CPU shortage, which continues to haunt notebook shipments, we may see the shipments of eMMC/UFSs, SSDs etc. fail to meet expectations for peak season 3Q, and cause contract prices to fall uncontrollably. [ more ]