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The DRAMeXchange team covers spot prices, market trends, capital expenditure, capacity trends, PC industry status updates, and more. The team also analyzes shipment data and provides market intelligence for smart devices. Through its methodical and thorough observations, DRAMeXchange offers accurate insights on worldwide demands for smart devices as well as a clear overview of the market.
  • Brand:DRAMeXchange
  • Established in:2000年
  • Website:
  • Research areas:PC DRAM, Mobile DRAM, Server DRAM, NAND Flash, SSD and smartphone
  • Team members:
  • TrendForce

    Areas of Coverage:
  • Ken Kuo
    Research Vice President
    Areas of Coverage:
    DRAM, Server DIMM, Consumer DRAM
  • Avril Wu
    Senior Research Director
    Areas of Coverage:
    DRAM Supply Chain & Related End Markets (PC DRAM, Server DRAM, Mobile DRAM and Smartphones)
  • Alan Chen
    Research Director
    Areas of Coverage:
    NAND Flash, SSD, NAND Flash Controller, UFD, Memory Card
  • Mia Huang
    Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    Mobile DRAM, Smartphone
  • Ray Hsieh
    Senior Analyst
    Areas of Coverage:
    DRAM Supply Chain (PC DRAM, Server DRAM, Mobile DRAM, Consumer DRAM)
  • Mark Liu
    Senior Analyst
    Areas of Coverage:
    Datacenter, Server DRAM, Server CPU & Related Server Supply Chain
  • Ben Yeh
    Areas of Coverage:
    NAND Flash and eMMC
  • Bryan Ao
    Areas of Coverage:
    Enterprise SSDs, NAND Flash Market
  • Joanne Chiao
    Areas of Coverage: