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LEDinside provides daily updates on the global LED industry, including data, intelligence, LED adoption, prices, buyer and seller information, etc. We also provide LED industry analysis, interviews, and a comprehensive LED knowledge database.  
  • Brand:LEDinside
  • Established in:2007年
  • Website:
  • Research areas:LED Bulb Price,LED Financial Report
  • Team members:
  • Roger Chu
    Research Director
    Areas of Coverage:
    LED Industry
  • Duff Lu
    Senior Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    Lithium Battery, Electric Vehicle
  • Joanne Wu
    Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    Sapphire, LED Chip, LED Package, LED Lighting, UV LED, Infrared LED, and Flip Chip Markets and Technology Trend
  • Simon Yang
    Assistant Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    LED Applications (Lighting for Plant Growing, Automotive Lighting, Commercial Lighting and Phosphor Film), PCB Technologies (PCB Process Applications, RF/Microwave Circuit Board and High Heat Dissipation Circuit Board)
  • Max Chen
    Areas of Coverage:
    BLU and Micro-LED
  • Figo Wang
    Senior Analyst
    Areas of Coverage:
    LED lighting, LED supply chian, LED Industry and Competitive Analysis
  • Terri Wang
    Areas of Coverage:
    LED Lighting Market, LED Display Market
  • Allen Yu
    Areas of Coverage:
    LED chip, LED packaging, LED driver, LED phosphors
  • Vita Wang
    Assistant Industry Analyst
    Areas of Coverage:
    LED lighting;LED policies and standards; Industry dynamics and development
  • Grace Li
    Assistant Analyst
    Areas of Coverage:
    Infrared applications, UV applications, Lighting