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Topology focuses on structural trends in high tech industries within the Greater China Region. Its five main research fields are semiconductor, photovoltaics technology, communication technology, IA, and regional markets. Topology has an excellent command of accurate information on industry and market trends across Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. This advantage allows the research firm to become the key instrument for enterprises seeking to improve their performances and expand.
  • Brand:Topology
  • Established in:1996年
  • Website:
  • Research Area:semiconductors, photovoltaics, telecommunications, IA, structural trends in high tech sectors of the Greater China and beyond
  • Team members:
  • Topology

    Areas of Coverage:
  • H.P. Chang
    Chief Operating Officer
    Areas of Coverage:
    TrendForce and TRI research center
  • Kelly Hsieh
    Research Vice President
    Areas of Coverage:
    Cell Phones and Telecommunication Industry
  • Jason Tsai
    Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    Wearables, Digital Cameras, Game Consoles, User interface, TV, AR/VR
  • Caroline Chen
    Assistant Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    Automotive technology
  • Jack Yang
    Areas of Coverage:
    Government/Enterprise Project Consulting Service
  • Patrick Lin
    Assistant Project Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    PV Market Trends, Policies, Financial analysis
  • CY Yao
    Senior Analyst
    Areas of Coverage:
    Co-opetition Strategy of IDM and Fabless, Chip Design, Various End-Applications
  • Chris Hsu
    Senior Analyst
    Areas of Coverage:
    Automotive semiconductor, Power, Semiconductor, IDM Company market share and technology development
  • Jeter Teo
    Research Director
    Areas of Coverage:
    Industrial Policies, China’s and Taiwan’s Technology Industries, Semiconductor Sector, Digital Content Industry and Digital Economy
  • P.K Tseng
    Areas of Coverage:
    Cloud Computing, IoT
  • Nieves Huang
    Areas of Coverage:
    IoT and Government/Enterprise Project Consulting Service
  • John Wang
    Areas of Coverage:
    Compound Semiconductors and the Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Industry
  • Ellie Lai
    Areas of Coverage:
    Smart Speakers, Smart/AI-Powered TVs, Smart Home/Life Industry
  • Candice Lu
    Areas of Coverage:
    NBs, IPCs, Servers
  • Wendy Cheng
    Areas of Coverage:
    Wireless Communications, Fixed Broadband, V2X
  • Ray Hsiao
    Areas of Coverage: