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TrendForce Corporation’s five major branded divisions – DRAMeXchange, WitsView, LEDinside, EnergyTrend and Topology Research Institute – provide holistic analyses on major industries in the technology sector, such as electronic components, semiconductors and green energy. As the parent brand, TrendForce continues to expand its research coverage and has broaden its focus to include market trends in consumer electronics and biotechnology.
  • Brand:TrendForce
  • Established in:2010年
  • Website:
  • Research areas:consumer electronics (e.g. smartphones, tablets and notebooks), biotechnology and etc.
  • Team members :
  • H.P. Chang
    Senior Vice President
    Areas of Coverage:
    TrendForce and TRI research center
  • Sean Liu
    Assistant Research Manager
    Areas of Coverage:
    Biotechnology industry, including pharmaceutical and medical device
  • Shawn Tsai
    Areas of Coverage:
    Medical Devices, Digital Healthcare Industry, Global Biotechnology Market Trends and Regulations on Biotechnology Industry