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Press Release

  • Intel Acquires Mobileye in Anticipation of First Major Wave of Sales for Self-Driving Cars in 2021, Says TrendForce
    03-14-2017 / TrendForce
    Intel on March 13 announced that the company will purchase Mobileye, a global provider of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). This deal is worth US$15.3 billion and is another indication that major semiconductor manufacturers are aggressively jockeying for a favorable position in the fast growing automotive electronics market. TrendForce states that after the merger, Intel will be able to combine its hardware products such as high-performance computing chips and IoT solutions with Mobileye’s image processing algorithms for autonomous driving systems. The deal gives Intel’s the potential to develop an autonomous driving solution that incorporates cloud computing. Furthermore, the deal strengthens Intel’s collaboration with BMW to bring self-driving cars to the market in 2021, when first wave of sales for such vehicles is anticipated to take place in major auto markets worldwide. [ more ]
  • AMOLED and HDR Highlighted at 2016 CES and Expected to Become Drivers of TV Market, TrendForce Reports
    01-29-2016 / Boyce Fan
    Television technology took center stage at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, with major brands showing off their latest high-resolution sets during the event. “Ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution is the basis from which TV brands will make further improvements on their products,” said Boyce Fan, senior research manager for WitsView, a division of TrendForce. [ more ]
  • 75% of the World’s Cars Will Be Connected by 2020, Reports TrendForce
    04-08-2015 / Eric Chang
    Autonomous vehicles will enter mass production by 2020 as more and more major auto makers in recent years have committed to their R&D, according to Topology, a division of TrendForce. Furthermore, the scale of the market will likely surpass a million vehicle mark by 2035. [ more ]