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Press Release

  • TrendForce Reports Profits Stabilize for Memory Makers as Global Mobile DRAM Prices Resist Further Decline
    05-25-2015 Avril Wu
    According to DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, the worldwide mobile DRAM revenue reached US$3.576 billion in the first quarter, a decline of less than 1% QoQ. Mobile memory sales accounted for 29.8% of total DRAM industry revenue in the first quarter and is expected to keep growing. According to DRAMeXchange’s Assistant Vice President Avril Wu, the additional 23nm production from Samsung boosted the first quarter’s mobile DRAM shipments by 8.2% QoQ. [ more ]
  • TrendForce Says a Wearable Device’s Competitive Edge Lies in Service-Related Opportunities
    05-22-2015 Jason Tsai
    The supply of Apple Watch have not kept up with the strong demand since its preorder sale earlier this year. According to the latest projection by Topology, a division of TrendForce, the 2015 shipments of Apple Watch are expected to reach 15 million sets. On the other hand, going above this shipment figure will depend on the performance of the entire supply chain in the second half of 2015. “Apple is widely recognized for its success in selling its smartwatches as hardware,” said Jason Tsai, TrendForce’s wearable device analyst. [ more ]
  • Specs Become Market Focus as Next-Gen iPhone Set for Mass Production in June, Says TrendForce
    05-21-2015 TrendForce
    The beginning of 2015 was excellent for Apple as the sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S remained strong. The total shipment of iPhones in the first quarter was over 60 million units, exceeding the market expectations. As the second quarter is drawing to a close, the smartphone market shifts its attention to the next-generation iPhone (iPhone 6S or iPhone 7). Interests on the next iPhone's future sales results are growing as more information about its specs have been leaked to the public. [ more ]
  • TV Panel Market Propped Up by Demands for 4K and Large-Size Products, According to TrendForce
    05-21-2015 Eric Chiou
    WitsView, a division of TrendForce, reports TV sales during the Chinese Labor Day holidays posted a yearly decline of 6%. However, TV brand vendors are moving away from strategies that are based on quantity to ones based on quality because of exchange rate fluctuations and shrinking margins. This steady shift in their operation focus is reflected in their increasing demands for the 48-inch and 49-inch panels as well as the 4K panel products. Large-sized TV panels will help consume more panel capacity overall. [ more ]
  • Overall Notebook Shipments Declined by 17.5% in Q1 with Lenovo Taking Top Vendor Title, TrendForce Reports
    05-21-2015 TrendForce
    TrendForce’s latest research reveals the notebook shipments for the first quarter of 2015 posted a significant quarterly decline of 17.5%, with 38.43 million units shipped. One usual factor to the drop in shipments was seasonality. The other factor was the earlier-than-usual stock up efforts at the end of 2014, which led to a sharp rise in panel stocks and channel inventories. [ more ]
  • Japan’s Robotics Industry Bullish on Elderly Care Market, TrendForce Reports
    05-19-2015 Harrison Po
    Japan’s rapidly aging population has led to a projected shortage of caregivers, and the country’s industry giants are now scrambling to take part in this booming market of elderly care services. Panasonic and Toyota, for examples, are some of the major players that have entered the emerging sector of nursing care robots for the elderly. [ more ]
  • TrendForce Sees Opportunities in Light Tubes and Troffer/Panel Lights as Commercial LED Lighting Market Expands
    05-18-2015 Joanne Wu
    The scale of the global market for commercial LED lighting continues to grow with the development outlook for light tubes and troffer/panel lights very positive, says LEDinside, a division of TrendForce. The latest analysis by LEDinside in its Silver Member Report: Commercial Lighting Sector’s Light Tubes and Integrated Luminaires estimates that the scale of the global market for all LED lighting products will reach US$25.65 billion in 2015. [ more ]
  • Surge of 4K Panel Shipments in April Reflects Switch in Strategy for TV Brand Vendors, Says TrendForce
    05-15-2015 TrendForce
    The newest display panel shipment report from WitsView, a division of TrendForce, reveals that the combined shipments of the six largest panel makers in April totaled 19.68M units, an 8% monthly decline but a 5.4% increase compared with the same period of the previous year. Among them, only SDC maintained about the same shipment level as with the previous month, whereas the other five saw shipment decline. [ more ]